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TexGraph is a procedural texture creation tool that let you create textures by connecting nodes in a graph. It is designed to be similar to other tools in the market but at the same time be very simple and easy to use and extent by users.

If you are a shader programmer you can create your own nodes or edit the existing ones. Check the github page https://github.com/galloscript/TexGraph-Public and the Programming Custom Nodes section of the user manual for more information.

First Run

The first time you execute TexGraph it will take a while to cache the Environment data, this is the cubemap data and EnvBRDF integration, this data is stored in [TexGraphRoot]/Cache.


For now TexGraph is in Beta stage, some Nodes may be removed from the final version or completely change, from version v0.1.0 the main project direction is mainly centered in bug-fixing and implement new Nodes, specially patterns and noises generators. I would also  like to collect feedback to implement features in next versions.

Bug Reporting

Any issue or feedback can be reported in the public github issues page:


About the Author

My name is David Gallardo Moreno, I work as a videogame programmer and my passion is graphics and tools programming. I post things about my projects on my twitter account @galloscript. I will appreciate a lot any feedback about the tool or just know about the projects where you use it.


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TexGraph Win64 Beta 17 MB
Version 0.4.1 Aug 25, 2022
TexGraph Win64 Beta 0.3.2 (Stable) 18 MB
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