TexGraph 0.3.5 Update

TexGraph has been updated with 0.3.5 version, here is a recap of features and fixes.

New batch export option
You can now export all output nodes at once with this new panel available from File --> Export or just pressing Ctrl + E. Here you can specify a path and a prefix for the textures you want to export. This settings will be saved with you project.

Chained Node creation
Now when you drag from a node pin to the graph, the creation node menu will popup and once you choose the node to create, it will connect  the nodes automatically.


Perlin1 Node has been deprecated and replaced by Perlin2
Perlin1 was a very problematic node, especially working in 4k, so, while Perlin1 can still be used, a new Perlin2 Node has been implemented to replace it in your graphs. This new node can generate similar noise patterns as Perlin1 but with different parameters, it is not seamless (I'm working on it) but it is really really fast compared to Perlin1, it can be edited in realtime in almost all resolutions and doesn't stops the app in 4k. All examples has been updated to replace the Perlin1 node, remember you can open an example, copy a node, and paste in your project.

TexGraph will now remember your last window position and size
This was a feature  request by some users to properly keep the GUI layout, TexGraph will keep the same location and size of the main window between sessions.

Open / Save dialogs updated
Open / Save dialogs implementation has been changed to use the latest available in your Windows version, they also defaults to the Documents folder.

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a bug in Export Node as texture option, where the extension of the file was missing while saving, now is added automatically depending on the chosen format.
  • Fixed a bug in graph serialization where integer values where stored as float converting it's binary representation, as those values where read again as floats an later interpreted as integers, this bug was only visible in the JSON data with no impact in the functionality.

Other changes

  • All graph serialization / deserialization code has been rewritten, that's how floats-integers bug was discovered. This was done to migrate from a third party library implementation to a custom one,  potentially bringing more a easy serialization in the future, like storing viewport settings. Storing of Export settings feature is using this change.

I would also like to give thanks to GameFromScratch for the very complete TexGraph review they published, this feedback was really useful. You can see the review here:

GameFromScratch URL: 


TexGraph Win64 Beta 0.4.0 17 MB
Version 0.3.5 Nov 18, 2019
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Nov 18, 2019

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