TexGraph 0.3.0 Beta Available

New version of TexGraph 0.3.0 Beta available, here is the change log:


  • Added Greyscale / Color textures duality. Nodes can now generate 1 channel  16 bit greyscale textures, or 4 channels 16 bit color textures, some enhancements has been added to node pins to recognize the output. Check Nodes Constraints in User Manual for more information.
  • Added Copy & Paste selected nodes feature with Ctrl + C / Ctrl+V, also compatible with Undo / Redo.  Connections between copied nodes will be preserved. You can also copy and paste nodes between graphs (in new graph or opening another graph in the same TexGraph instance)
  • Bloom is now disabled by default and can be enabled/disabled in viewport settings.
  • 3D viewport rotating and scaling now have an smooth interpolation.

Nodes & Kernels

  • Multiple nodes can be defined in as single file with node_list field.
  • Multiple kernels can be fined in a single file with kernel_list field.
  • New extra_defines field added to kernels to define macros per kernel.
  • Mix node split into Mix Color and Mix GS nodes, good example of previous mentioned features.
  • A maximum tile size can now be defined per kernel (previously global)  to avoid GPU timeout but at the same time reducing the size of the command queue for nodes that doesn't require this optimization.

The Greyscale / Color supposed a big refactor in TexGraph, after testing it I hope everything works as expected. Remember any feedback is appreciated.


TexGraph Win64 Beta 0.4.0 17 MB
Version 0.3.0 Jun 30, 2019

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