TexGraph v0.2.1 Update

New version of TexGraph 0.2.1 Beta available, here is the change log:

- Version numeration changed, 0.1.1 should be considered 0.2.0 as it was a big update, this version will be 0.2.1
- Added support for shader blocks, can be configured in kernel files, for now only one buffer for precomputed random vectors is available as "RandomVectors" (see Perlin1 kernel file).
- Nodes with multiple outputs can now be previewed while hovering the pin.
- All textures MipMap levels are now generated and used for filtering in the viewports.

- New Node: Voronoi Ultimate, outputs 4 different voronoi patterns based on the same properties configuration.
- New Node: Edge Detection, draw borders from heightmap edges.
- New Node: Squircle, for drawing rounded corner shapes.
- Tiling Node has been redesigned, now we can tile different values in each axis and offset the tiling.
- Polygon 2D Node has been redesigned, now we can scale the polygon in both axis.
- Offset Node has been redesigned, now you can specify the offset in both axis with -1 to 1 properties that will be added to the texture input.
- IQNoise Node implementation has changed, all pattern/noise nodes now produce a seamless tileable texture.
- Circle Node implementation has changed, it's properties will behave different.
- Perlin1 Node implementation has changed, now the random vectors values are passed as a shader block.

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