TexGraph v0.1.1 Update

New version of TexGraph v0.1.1 Beta is now available to download. I will publish a list of upcoming features currently in progress for TexGraph and future plans for the tool

Change Log v0.1.1

New features

- Added Console Log
- Added Perlin Noise Node
- Added Circle Node
- Added Tiling Node
- Added Max Node
- “Set node as output” is now part of the Undo/Redo stack.
- 3D Viewport improvement: Mesh can now be moved with Shift + Left Click.
- Added configuration file to let users customize app parameters.
- Added compute & viewport shaders hot load, you can now edit and test shaders without restarting the app, but be sure to enable it in the configuration.
- Implemented Chopped compute shader execution to seamlessly support big resolutions (2k & 4k) without blocking the app or crashing for GPU usage.
- Added nodes Processing bar.
- Ambient occlusion output texture is now used multiplying the final color.
- Height output texture is now used for relief mapping.
- New Example: Barcelona Tiles
- New Example: Orange/Grey Checker

Bug fixing

- Fixed undesired behaviour while undoing changes in a loaded graph file.
- Fixed wrong implementation in Blur node for different texture resolutions.
- Fixed important memory leak in render pipeline.
- Fixed Save flow bug.
- Fixed crash after deleting a node with connections and closing the graph.
- Fixed an issue with mesh Y positions and directions, still under review.
- Fixed nodes display name.
- Fixed minor memory leak in mesh loading.


- Improved error tracking with custom assert functionality with built-in break point
- Improved memory profiler to track memory leaks and optimizable allocations, both for CPU and GPU.
- Refactor of smart pointers implementation.
- Improvements and bug fixing in messaging system.
- Added Raw Pool and Object Pool implementation to optimize memory allocations (see the code here https://gist.github.com/galloscript/23fc3a2c6b1da4cd19cb69a34e1e0a20)
- GPU Commands instancing moved to Raw Pools.
- Unique Ids data instancing moved to a Object Pool.
- Added custom vector, map and list implementations (replacing std::*)


TexGraph Win64 Beta 17 MB
Version 0.1.1 Mar 23, 2019
TexGraph_UserManual.pdf 1 MB
Mar 23, 2019

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