TexGraph 0.4.0 Performance Update

TexGraph has been updated with 0.4.0 version, here is a recap of features and fixes.


  • Panels can be unattached from main window.
  • Custom main window decoration: Removed native OS frame and replaced by a custom gui.
  • TexGraph .tgph files can now be dropped on the main window to open it. For now it only works when there are no pending changes on the current document to avoid losing changes accidentally.
  • 3D Viewport rotation limited in X-axis to avoid weird inverted rotations in Y-axis.


  • 3D Viewport now only generates a new frame when something changed, this is reduces a lot the usage of the GPU while the app is in idle.
  • Removed stalling in 3D Viewport compute shaders steps, improves rendering time.
  • Bloom filter has been optimized to compute only the pixels in the viewport and the filter box is now smaller (shader can be edited to customize this), improves rendering time.
  • Removed unused resources from environment maps and mesh data that were always on ram.
  • Added graph optimization to skip nodes that aren't visible in the viewport while rendering it.


  • All window system has been replaced by GLFW, this makes TexGraph one step close to be available for other platforms. May solve some context issues related to ATI cards.


TexGraph Win64 Beta 0.4.0 17 MB
Version 0.4.0 Dec 07, 2019

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