TexGraph 0.2.5 Beta Available

New version of TexGraph 0.2.5 Beta available, here is the change log:


  • All textures are now 16 bits per channel, this is the first step of a major change to move all greyscale nodes to 1 channel and keep color nodes at 4 channels, but for now every node is 4 channels so, be careful with the GPU memory usage.
  • Added Bloom post process to the 3D viewport.
  • Added Emissive channel, 
  • Added  basic Viewport Settings panel.


  •  Multiple node selection added,  now you can move and delete multiple nodes at once with Ctrl key and clicking on a node, or Ctrl + Drag on graph to use the selection area tool.
  • New Height2AO Node: Creates an Ambient Occlusion Map from a Height Map, recommended to use with a Blur node.
  • New Curvature Node: Similar to Edge Detection node, gives a different value, for convex/concave curves and flat surface.
  • New HashRemap Node: Changes a grey value with another random grey value.
  • New output pin in Tile Node: Tile code, gives a random value that changes between tiles.


TexGraph_UserManual.pdf 428 kB
May 02, 2019
TexGraph Win64 Beta 0.4.0 17 MB
Version 0.2.5 May 02, 2019

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